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Global laser defence shield by all countries. End of energy crisis?

Dr. Mowinckel
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11/09/2012 09:21 PM
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Global laser defence shield by all countries. End of energy crisis?
we need to keep certain sanctions open equally to those countries in the middle east that are already armed with nuclear missiles. they could have wiped eachother out with chemical plants a long time ago. blowing up the west would be a complete disadvantage to our enemies. as that is not an alternative they have many other methods to dictate war.
there is always hope. we have changed countries by showing them we mean no threat to them before. if we can get a missile defence shield capable to be operated from space to intercept absolutely all continetal nuclear missile from every corner of the earth. this would require the agreement and full access to broadcasts to the leaders all over the globe about the shields and let our allies in this treaty be there to advance this technology instead of creating another bloody weaponrace. end of energy crisis?

Galactic bum.