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Message Subject Black People were Created by Ancient Aliens
Poster Handle kungfukitty88
Post Content
Black people are the Annunaki!

The Sumerians (black people) creation story is not about themselves, it is what happened when they created other races from pre existing animals on the planet eg. rhesus monkey. This is why about 12% to 15% of the population of the world are rh negative and O negative.

The news tells you this stuff in subtle ways, you just have to notice it. For example:

Neanderthal was not apart of the "hue" man family to begin with. He only gained melanin and color through mating with the black man. This is why you have rh negatives and rh positives when it comes to blood types. O blood type is the original blood type and since black people are the original people on this planet...I think you guys can do the math lol. O negatives have no scientific origin or their origins have yet to be figured out on the planet. But they do know that O positives have their origins in the rhesus monkey!

Mediterraneans (I use the term cautiously)/Europeans and some native Americans (natives without too much admixture eg Spanish,) also show this rh negative factor. This is also due to white or Asian (pertaining to natives) people mating with black people back in the day and showing the lineage in the blood.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18200348

I am 0 negative and participated in the human genome project. The results of the human genome project are mind-blowing. Black dna is the only group that does not have ANY neandethal dna. Not even 1%. Neaderthals did not in any way mate with black ancestors as seen by the dan evidence.

Black people are NOT the annanuki. Black people were the slaves genetically created by splicing their dan with primates. This is where the O blood were are mentioning comes into play. Given the fact that the "gods" had 0 negative blood, and the monkeys were positive you have a large amount of blacks with 0 positive blood. A select few of these slaves the annunaki found genetically pleasing, were bred with to create future kings. If blacks were the annunaki, they would not have the positive blood trait RH. Since the black race has the smallest amount of rh negative blood in the world, you can see only the black royals chosen from the beginning received the star blood line. The black race itself differs from all other races dna by almost 4%, that is HUGE. That indicates a completely different species. This is why they are the only race to closely resemble their distant cousins the primates and have a much higher bone density than any other race. It also explains why they cannot use white bone marrow and why they are the only race susceptible to sickle cell. Its truly not a race difference, its a species difference.

Caucasions have the highest amount of rh negative blood. Given that they have neanderthal dna as another differing factor, the "star gods" mated with the neanderthals and created the blood line i am from. (we can thank our star god ancestors for our unique abilities) There are several legends/myths that discuss the different races being created by various star gods. Genetic splicing is a VERY old practice and is the basis of the story of genesis.

So technically, we were all created by ancient aliens, just for different purposes. Some for breeding purposes, some for slave purposes and some for colonization purposes. Unfortunately, many of the elite families from the original star seed blood line (most royals in europe are RH negative) inherently knew this. Their lack of respect for the african races and regard for them as "created slaves", led to the development of the slave-trade between their place of creation to America. Thankfully, other humans with lemurian/atlantean, pleidian, and aryan dna did/do not agree with the practice of enslavement, and slavery was soon abolished.
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