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Message Subject Black People were Created by Ancient Aliens
Poster Handle blkman4sho
Post Content
People jus don't get it, this ain't about color, satan is the one who made this about racial color. Humanity is the only race in the sight of the most high. Satan uses this tactic to devide destroy and conquer. We are all one (race) and that is his creation........Human. Remember satan is a bright shining star brighter than all the other angels. So if race is the argument that satan being bright/white then that would explain why blk people are hated so much by most whites because "Elohim" created us in his image must be true, and that's when satan consorted with his brethern (bright/white) to overthrow heaven because god created a likeness of himself. And for this satan decided to use color of skin as a tool to devide humanity and take our focus off of God's eternal promise of if you love me and keep my commandments.....so follks don't let satan take your eye off the big pictureyoda
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