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Message Subject Black People were Created by Ancient Aliens
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Whites burn in the sun because they are NOW HAIRLESS. Through interbreeding and breeding with humans, they are now born with less hair which served as a protectant against the sun when they were in their true form, just like all the other animals (monkeys) hair is needed to protect pale weak skin. Look at what a Neanderthal looks like, it is hairy all over. Blacks never had or needed hair protection from the sun. God produced humans with skin that naturally has protection builted in against the sun (melain rich, gods people, people of the sun). Only animals or humanoids with pale skin have/need hair for protection. Whites are hybrids, made from the Rhesus Monkey, Neanderthal to now what you call caucasian. Breeding with humans made them look more human and less hairy. This explains African eve and the 4% Neanderthal DNA whites carry. Hell, plenty of whites in Europe are still born with their hereditary Rhesus monkey tails. Stop spreading lies about blacks and accept what you are. Hairless monkeys, made in a lab. You folks need to try and grow your hair back so your pale skin won't crack so easy. BE proud of your hairy Neandertal monkey DNA. Stop putting the monkey bull on blacks, it makes no sense. RH Factor, skin disease due to lack of hair. Thin inverted lips, flat butts and let's not forget that pale weak white skin. It is so obvious what you are and where you come from.
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