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Message Subject Fake IPAD Sold To Obama Voter For $200 Was A Mirror !! -- VIDEO -- HA HA HA
Poster Handle mrsnacks
Post Content
This is what happens when you have a low IQ.


All of you laugh at someone else's misfortune and one must enjoy the illusion. But look at yourselves and see that all of us ( including me ,high IQ or low doesn't matter,) has been duped.

To her she bought into a fake IPAD. To someone else being duped into believing the media to be giving the truth or a politician making promises he/she never keeps. So how many of you have bitten the bullet on a false prediction here at GLP ?
Being sold this 2012 doomsday garbage. Or that a planet X is heading our way. Or buying a bunch of gold now to save your lives in the future. OR that voting for your candidate is going to make a difference. Nothing changes no matter who is in the White House. They have deceived you into thinking they care but it is obvious they do not care about the masses. The Congress along with the those in power are rich and have full coverage healthcare and huge pensions and do you ????????

Or believing that you and your partner in marriage thinking it is love and it is really only a business agreement. LOve lasts forever and all of us has bought into the lie that you marry because of love. Wrong. What is labeled love by the mind is not love at all. The high divorce rate is proof it isn't. And the ones that stay together are most miserable.

And you have paid much more than the cost of an IPAD but with your lives and alimony and child support payments etc.

Or maybe duped into credit cards and left with high interest payments. The banks have suckered all of us.

Or the many lives of the military thinking they are fighting for America's freedom but really fighting for the corporations interests and has nothing to do with an enemy. As we know the war with Iraq was a personal Bush thing and not because of WMD. So the lives that were lost and for what?

So as we laugh at this lady which she is just a reflection of our gullibility and our being duped as well. We all have so laugh at ourselves.
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