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Message Subject Fake IPAD Sold To Obama Voter For $200 Was A Mirror !! -- VIDEO -- HA HA HA
Poster Handle mrsnacks
Post Content
OP, seriously, get Obama off your head. You sound more pathetic than the victim. A person gets scammed, and instead of just making a regular thread about it, you bring Obama into it, even though there's no mention of Obama. And I haven't read any of the comments yet, but having spent enough time here I'm pretty sure that most of the people here are going to post about the video as if what you wrote in your title about her being an Obama supporter was part of the video, accepting it as an absolute fact, and then go on a rant about it and have a big laugh, rather than the typical being angry at scammers.


Great point ! Like these pretenders haven't been scammed before. IT is called false cause in philosophy. IT is like the rooster's crowing causes the sun to rise in the morning.
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