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Message Subject Fake IPAD Sold To Obama Voter For $200 Was A Mirror !! -- VIDEO -- HA HA HA
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Jalonta Freeman of Arlington, Texas was approached by a stranger at a gas station, selling what he claimed to be a brand new $800 iPad, for just $200. Freeman and her family did not want to miss out on an offer they thought seemed great, so they gave him cash for the tablet, and the man quickly drove away.

 Quoting: He Do Me Like That 21931562

Not only was she a dumb fucking bitch, she was willing to buy what could have been stolen goods and not care about it. She thought she found a great deal on some stolen IPADS and got ripped off. Anyone selling products like this on the streets below actual market price is most likely a scam or selling stolen goods. This is the same as those Craiglist ads selling Ipads for $200 because they're fucking stolen.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24957083

Dead on. I'm sorry, that she was not ripped off for a lot more.
She is the one who enables thievery and crime, because she - and the people like her - are the willing buyers for obviously stolen goods.
Of course, she did not have any angst of conscience about buying something, which she must have known was stolen from someone else. But of course, she is indignant when she is the victim of a similar crime.
A well deserved poetic justice.lolatu
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