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When I saw the video of the flowering plant (pretty blue flowers), I thought it looked exactly like Salvia... It IS Salvia!

Maybe not the same variety of the tropical, mind bending plant, but... anybody tried chewing the leaves?

I'd better get a load of seeds before this variety becomes illegal too.
 Quoting: Giftedest

Yes it's from salvia family!
 Quoting: Luisport

EDIT: please pardon my spelling. I am on a touch screen and it just isn't worth the fight.

Simmer down, folks. Salvia is the Sage genus. You know the sage in your turkey? It is Salvia officinalis. The genus Salvia is a medium sized genus in the family Lamiaceae, the Mint family. As far as I know, S. Divinorum is the only plant in the genus with psychedelic effects. The Mint family, though, has lots of different sedatives, working in various ways on different systems. Skullcap is a well-known one. Lemon Balm works by reducing thyroid function.

Incidentally, Chia grows in desert regions at low to mid elevations, mostly in recent burns. Area natives would sometimes perform controlled burns in order to get it to thrive. Easr of LA, in the burn scars, is a very good place to look for it, along with its cousin, S. alba, the sacred White Sage.

Another point I am seeing discussed: grinding or breaking the seeds. The slime you get from soaking them is the medicine, called mucilage (mucoplysaccharides). This contains cell proliferatives and is what does the gut repairs I mentioned in an earlier post. It also is useful as a protective for folks with ulcers, though other treatment is needed.

Grinding or breaking them allows the EFAs out, yes, but also leaves their structure vulnerable to stomach acid. Absorption sites are at the very end of the gut and EFAs are very fragile, requiring many different enzymes to protect them as they move through the gut, transport them across the gut wall, carry them to the liver, and another to carry them out to where they are needed. It is the most complex absorption I am aware of, except MAYBE B vitamins.

I have client soak them for 20 min, then drink straight or add to smoothis.. or whatever. After a few weeks (gut repair is probably done) simply add to food without soaking.
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