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/doubt doubting

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User ID: 27248664
United Kingdom
11/10/2012 09:10 AM
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/doubt doubting
Many of you are wondering if I am a real time traveler and I say to you that that I make mistakes is evident evident that I am at least human if not time traveler I sorry my device does not afford me same keys you use on your keyboards especially as some of you you have trouble ending my sentences and starting because I do not know how to speak the symbol you use for it to appear on screen my sorry also reason I repeat words is to give bigger effect to emphasize you call it as I do not know how to on my dictator

The mark at beginning of my speech and end is what comes on when I turn my dictator on and turn it off I do not know what it means in your time right now I hope not offensive at all

Now some ask why I do not predict events and why I have John Titor in my name he was fraudulent as in the many groups of people operating under that coded name I do not predict events for this simple reason they will never happen if I tell you your friend will drown in a boating accident and you believe me you would stop your friend from ever going near a boat am I right right I am am I surely if you understand so that is great I do not deny that we saved a life but have we because of that the event never happened nor the aftermath of that event be it good or bad we prevented an event that never actually happened because we prevented it so next time I predict or warn something something you will ignore me for my previous prediction never came true for it never happened for we prevented it by you never letting your confused friend near a boat and doubt is cast on us genuine time travelers and making our mission difficult so you ask why are we here then and how can we help well look at my codes codes codes they are slight not enough for you to completely understand and thus prevent something but enough to armor you armor you against what is coming does it make sense now please be safe and sleep easy tonight strong winds favor rusty platform those not standing firmly enough will fall thank you/

Last Edited by M R X on 11/10/2012 09:11 AM
/John Titor is not the only time traveler as the case for me but he is different for he was not real/