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Where did the tsunami hit about a week ago?

User ID: 23410367
11/10/2012 09:20 AM
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Where did the tsunami hit about a week ago?
I can't remember exactly what day it was, about a week ago.... where did it hit? It would gave been farken huge!

User ID: 27300308
11/10/2012 09:25 AM

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Re: Where did the tsunami hit about a week ago?
hmm, the only tsunami I know.

is the fake-tsunami @ Hawaii ..

many people watited on web-online-cams..

only to see there was 1 FEET wave bauhbhubuhab 1rof1

Dont you know ? Was big laugh

Anyway, I hope you speak of this, because.. if not.. I dont know for other than this..

Was after the 7.5 quake near Canada .. day before sandy gets to EC ..

peace yo hf
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