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Message Subject Massive Voter Fraud in St. Lucie County, FL – 141% Turnout/ Allen West
Poster Handle Chrit
Post Content
That’s the thing, used to be your local poll workers would count the votes and send in the tally along with the proof sealed in boxes.

Now they just pull out the little black box and send it in.

Computers are counting the votes; computers they openly admit can easily be hacked. Computers that have miss counted votes with huge discrepancies in the tally.

Used to take time to fake thousands of ballots to stuff the ballot bot, today just program in the vote.

This was from 2007 but these are the same machines still in use today in florda and many other states.

Snip:After the primary election, Martin Cuellar beat incumbent Rick Flores by 37 votes. After the first recount, Flores beat Cuellar by 133 votes, a 170 vote swing. After the second recount, Cuellar came out on top by 39 votes The second recount was monitored by the court and allowed poll watchers to actually watch. E&S [sic]software is blamed for difference in election day results versus second recount results.

[Webb County Elections Administrator Oscar Villarreal] said electronic voting machines use what is called a Personal Electronic Ballot (PEB), which is a cartridge that stores vote information. The PEB is inserted in a computer that tallies the votes.

"That (information) is downloaded into the computer, and the computer includes it into the totals," he said. "On a recount, you can't print ballot images from the PEB; you have to actually insert a flashcard."

He said Precinct 231 illustrated the problem.

"In 231, it was reported that 72 people voted (electronically) ... on election night through the PEB," he said. "When ballot images were shown from the flashcards, it was only showing 43."

[link to www.bbvforums.org]

Thread: iVotronic voting machines used in PA and other states have a known hack that can change every vote in the central election system.
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