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Message Subject Texas Petition to Withdraw from the union
Poster Handle KenTx2011
Post Content
Go ahead and withdraw. When the Navy blocks your access to the GOM and starts pumping all the gulf oil to LA, you'll be really poor really quickly.
 Quoting: MacElroy

Are you aware of the LOOP? Its an offshore facility that has its own privatized security. Are you also aware that the oil companies are businesses.. for the most part HQ'd in Houston, TX.. Besides.. Louisiana already has their own petition.. can you imagine the Port of Houston and Port Fourchon acting together under one sovereign entity?

Texas and Louisiana can both survive independently but why not form a "coalition" or an "alliance" ... talk about mutually beneficial..
 Quoting: eucsstamticc

and now Alaska, and Missouri want to secede.
 Quoting: KenTx2011

 Quoting: 984857345

All Repubs to Texas And Alaska Now!!! Prepare to Secede!! That is the thread title.
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