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Message Subject Texas Petition to Withdraw from the union
Poster Handle eucsstamticc
Post Content
Don't you find it ironic that many of the same people who whined about obama's reelection being the "death of America" are the same people who want to sign these petitions and kick-start the process?
 Quoting: The Myth

Personally, if in fact it is going to be the death of America, then i would rather it be on the terms of the People, by the People, than that of a man who looks to turn our country to socialism, and may actually succeed..

I only say he may succeed because once you have half of the population (which he does, as we have seen from the election) on the proverbial government tit then you no longer have people voting for a a country where they can succeed and rise to the top.. instead you have a country of people with their hand out... expecting to be taken care of while the rest of the population works...

then what happens as people slowly start to lose their passion to succeed.. now that number on the govt tit grows and grows.. pretty soon no one works, more than they have too, we live in a run down country..... wait... am I still talking about America..... hmmmmm where has this already happen... hmmm

This is why Texans, like myself, are more than happy to help the process. Why should I, or anyone else for that matter, pay for someone who just doesn't want to push themselves.. If you don't try then you don't get anything...
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