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Message Subject Texas Petition to Withdraw from the union
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For people that think texas cant make it let me remind you that we have the beef we have the oil we have texas national guard we also have nasa houston controls space and satelites that includes missle defense not to mention every person here is armed good luck stopping us and we are the fastest growing state everyone is moving here our economy is boomin you can make 12 an hour at mcdonalds our gas is under 3 dollars can rent a home for under 400 a month and while the rest of the america is suffering i Will be just fine here in texas nice and safe with the texas guard ten miles away good luck to all of you obama lovers wait and see where he takes the nation straight to hell im guessing so i suggest you get down south before tshf while you still can you can see whats happening in new york i guarentee that wouldnt happen in texas watch when a tornado hits we have help immediately and provide homes for our neighbors we even housed and fed katrina victims and most of them still live here because they know they are safe here and governor perry doesnt just tour disaster areas for tv ratings he stays and cares and doesnt stop because he loves our state and the people in it
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