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Message Subject On Germany's Desire To See America "On Its Knees", And Its "Infantile Crush On Obama"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Spiegel has a point. A lot of Germans love to backbite about Americans. I don't hate Americans, though. I have had too much contact with them over my lifetime. Most of them are nice, some are assholes - same in every country.

Our TV and newspapers are largely dominated by illusional leftists. Germany as such is more "left" than the US. Obama would be a right-wing conservative in our political spectrum. Even Angela Merkel is much more left than Obama. Of course the reporters of foreign mainstream media seldomly point that out - ours neither.

On the other side there is an ultra-right fraction here (you know, Luisport-alikes who love to hate foreigners, even fellow-Europeans). However, they are little in numbers and don't have noteworthy political influence.
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