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Message Subject On Germany's Desire To See America "On Its Knees", And Its "Infantile Crush On Obama"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sorry to break this to the Germans [and I'm 1/2 German descent myself', but the U.S. isn't going anywhere, and well remain the preeminent global 'superpower' for the foreseeable future. I like most other Americans see the problems our country faces, and because the U.S. is so preeminent around the world, so don't Europeans, etc., But the news they get of the U.S. [I know this personally because I've lived over there] is OVERWHELMINGLY negative. The Euro left DESPISES the U.S., and the far right are nationalist who also enjoy schadenfreude at America's expense. In many place around the world, it's an easy thing for politicians to deflect negative attention away from them, their party's policies and blame America; most Europeans and others fall for this.

Another thing that causes A LOT of resentment both blatant and passive aggressive, is the very unequal military relationship between the U.S. and especially our close Euro allies. On the one hand, Euro politicians like the fact they can rely on U.S. military umbrella while using money that would have gone towards their defense elsewhere, especially their welfare states [Germany for example is very much a socialist country]. On the other hand, this reliance breads resentment, which is understandable and typical of human nature.

Finally, Germany's economy and future isn't really all it's cracked up to be. There's a lot of exaggeration surrounding notorious German efficiency and Germany's rock solid economic foundation.
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