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Loud Booms in Bloomington Indiana 4-9-2012/4-10-2012

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United States
11/10/2012 05:34 PM
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Loud Booms in Bloomington Indiana 4-9-2012/4-10-2012
As people know, this is not my normal subject matter to post, or to comment on.

11-9-2012- One boom occurred around 12:30pm another around 6pm. We also had another one today at about 3pm 11-10-2012 (general time frame.) I didn't hear today's boom myself, but, I heard the one that occurred at 12:30pm on 11-9-2012.

Also, there was an earthquake in Kentucky today that was felt in certain areas here in Bloomington.

One other thing...saw a massive amount of shooting stars last night, and, there was an odd craft that no one could identify later on yesterday evening. I don't remember what time it was, but, it appeared all white (bright white light.)

That's all I have to offer. I felt I would post it in case others have had experiences, or, in case some patterns show up.

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watching the "run up" to the elections and the "hopes and dreams" that are built as a result is like watching a dead mouse that is still able to make his exercise wheel go around because his nerves are still twitching that familiar motion...