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Message Subject UHOH..."Big-Wig" Resignations....a 12-3-12 "CODE" in Deep Impact & CALIF Quake?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Check out the first ONE minute of this
UTUBE trailer for the 1998 Movie "Deep Impact"
(with Morgan Freeman and LeaLea).
In the movie script, Head of Major gov't
Agency (just like current CIA chief) is
resigning because of a lover named: "ELLE"
We have a match with CIA Head stepping down...
We have a match with them saying it is because
of a "love scandal" (like Deep Impact)
We have a GREAT ACTOR black President
ready to "read the script about "E.L.L.E."
We have major news about at least a dozen
CEOs going "off the grid"
I'd say that's a pretty good start....
I will post the movie trailer in the next frame.
(Anyone finding this a little eery?)
:As Above--So Bel:
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

While everyone found many connections between Obama and Morgan Freeman during the Comet ELENIN scare;
be it known we have another major comet on its way this coming year;

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25923101

 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

Just went to the above mentioned site and guess what?

THIS is the message that was displayed...

Well, this is embarrassing.

We can't find that page yet. But it's probably still just being formatted by our system. Please wait a few minutes and try it again. Chances are, it will be here. If it's not here after a few minutes, it may be have been deleted by the author or one of our administrators. Feel free to let us know about it.

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