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Message Subject UHOH..."Big-Wig" Resignations....a 12-3-12 "CODE" in Deep Impact & CALIF Quake?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content

Well....that's kindof ODD. I have watched the
movie "Deep Impact" over again 3 times this
weekend....just to see if I could pick up on
any other clues for the thread.
THIS TRAILER gives me a "hinky!"

In this trailer (above) the President's voice
announces on the T.V. that "two comets have been
found." Then he continues to explain..."And if
they can't be stopped, they'll destroy ALL LIFE
on this planet!"

Well....in the actual movie, the Prez NEVER SAID
TWO COMETS....and he never said that "They will
destroy all life on the planet."

So why are these two sentences in the movie trailer
but NOT in the actual movie script? Hmmmmmmmmmm......
Just sayin'.....

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