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Message Subject UHOH..."Big-Wig" Resignations....a 12-3-12 "CODE" in Deep Impact & CALIF Quake?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content

tHANK YOU, Anonymous Coward...

In Zen Buddhism, there is a traditional phrase
used for introducing new followers into their
way of thinking ("open mindedness")....
it is:

Because of our culture--Western--we are very
linear thinkers....we think Black..white,
Either this...or THAT....Positive...or negative.
THOSE ARE TWO CHOICES among many many possible
Then they added..."NOT TWO" even after making
the point of thinking "beyond the box" of
only 2 possibilities. NOT TWO means even more
choices....There are lots and lots of possible

I think that it is convenient that he didn't have
to testify...true. But there is also the
underlying "clue/CODE" that is the golden-thread
linking the actions and context of wording among
the "boys in the club!"
My theory about it's being a subconscious stimulus
for the MILLIONS who have watched the 2 films
"Armaggedon" and "Deep Impact"--at THIS particular
time--is just as VALID as a political one.
Probably they are BOTH ACCURATE...and there's
probably even a third, fourth and fifth tier of
agendas going on. People at Petraeous's level
are like a 3-D game of tic-tac-toe...most people
can't even VISUALIZE 3-d, let alone be good at
playing it!
We'll all see, won't we!
But thanks for posting your comment.
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