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Message Subject UHOH..."Big-Wig" Resignations....a 12-3-12 "CODE" in Deep Impact & CALIF Quake?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
Thread: Urgent! After 24 hours, come the apocalypse, a Russian scientist said. Read all! (Page 19)

Thread started 11/12/12.
Sorry if I posted it already....been some interesting
contributions made.

Well, we'll see.....Interesting that Hillarity Clinton
is in Australia for the big event.
Seems like going to Australia if there is going to
be a pole shift is like Jenny Lerner and her Dad
standing on the beach to face the Tsunami....
Wow...maybe Hillary has alot of nerve after all!
Be Safe, everyone...strange goings on.

P.S. These two pictures (one is a painting
and one is a photo at an AIRPORT in 2000 something!)
Proves that HE is still alive and well!
Everybody just CHILL!


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