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Message Subject Im at the Lido Inn, in a pool tournament with my laptop and a live view. (masonic face touching, signs, wrong talking, alien audio )
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
and I can interact with them and im being mind controlled and they sing death and fear shit and stand there like they are something and they sing king and god shit at the same time, and dont stop, straight streem mk ultra that sings death and everyone sits there and say nothing is going on.

ticking, wrong talking, failing and browser failures also, but 'you are deluisonal and nothing is going on'

and they interact with the mk ultra wave and laugh and mock and show my whole life and show how they mind controlled me, robbed me and bragged.

and thats freemasonry and thats the way it is.

now live, repeating the, thats responsible freemasonry to kill everything cuz, they all lied and said nothing is going on.

'and the cia is trying to kill them all' 'you dont say'

and the things in the room responding to them making me type that in are , over reacting and you can see part of the same wave.

12 buck and kill al 12, no going back ' from them live

and now they are singing and saying I GOT AN ERROR


alright from them when they made me type 'verify'

the lallaks audio is repeating 'alright' I got it on tape.

during the dancing with myself song, which they say is king of england worship

so im listening to the audio about what I got going on cuz the mi5 made spies sing about concepts.

im dancing with clones of me killing the things who lied on me, cheated me, and bragged in front of everyone' and they sat there and let me record the audio, every word of it and the lizard audio , ticking and interaction with the musica bout space time.

in front of everyone.
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