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Message Subject Im at the Lido Inn, in a pool tournament with my laptop and a live view. (masonic face touching, signs, wrong talking, alien audio )
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
simon l mk ue and you can see by its movements , its a masonic actor, a loser .. a satan that is gone from god.

the audio I have on tape shows the mocking and tone of the whole thing.

the bullshit audio doesnt fit the situation.

and they keep showing the 300 million map from 1972 to now and going fuck that and last night.

'my response is last night' is what they made me type in there

and now listen ot he audio , numbers are code.. listen to the keyword 'good' means they are masonic losers who are losers using audio, mind control, and attack personality that they and the rednecks beat in.


did both, said fake and kept doing it to the point they lost, made themselves mad and tried to kill me, said kill me and made kill signs, while, mocking me and denying everything.. and singing numbers and colors and saying kill all cia and going 'oops I touched it' .. live molester cult... who is now going 'your ngiht'

force thru space time on audio and esp concept, brain crush, on the wrong and on the lie. redeundant, waste of time done on purpose ... lizard cheering in the background while I typed that in.

and now failing in the loser wave.

you can hear it and see it.

during the charlie pride song

listen ot that sound from the thing doing the fail talk.

now more fail audio, on tape ..... I KNEW from it live.

things killing themselves by movement and audio , saying it, doing it and saying nothing is going on around me.
'we love it' from the things doing it who inow singing HE DIES and doing more wrong talking.

in front of everyone, verified on the 300 million map.

ANYTHING from it like a lizard and now its going HUH!

losers working me and going HUH

SEE THEM MOVE WRONG RIGHT THERE LIZARDS PASSING THRU SPAC ETIM ENOW FAILING THAT IM LOGGING IUT AND NOW SIGNING IN IT AND LOOKING AWAY FROM ME< and now the same mk ultra is putting kill on it and white flashed from iut and YES from the female singing, and they force moved me from looking at it and they are saying 'WE SUCK DICK' and now FAIL TALKING!

pattern and mk ultra live in puiblic, logged on tape.

there it failed and sounded like a lizard going AAACK live.

and now its talking about it and going THATS YOU And movement, its moving its hands when they moved me to force look at it, and now HEAR THAT then it wenbt 50 AGAIN.

early is freaking out watching this....

all real, now I logged it ot thier face, recorded it and can play it

last place and 50 dollars from them live as I go to post this, like its a game.

YES from the lallak mk ultra and niow THAT AINT IT and NO ITS AN OLDER and they are showing the whole thing and POP ALIEN AUDIO and laughing...

she go truned over by a damed old train and signing and ace touching from the male they made me look at that killed itself and now its SIGNING again andnow lokign away .

binary pattern in the room with alien audio fail ing, ON TAPE AND RECORDABLE AND I GOT IT.

(the pattern is also written down here)

'sing 50 alot' is being repeated now

'we all die - right - 800 buck right here - huh'

from the things who just did all that.

hahahahh from the background.

huh - am I the asshole wrong psych from waste of tiume in space from the thing,female who did all that talking and now its doing wave acting and denial at the same time and you can hear the room hear it and see them see it and keep doing it while saying....

nothing is going on

we knew that from the female singing and BYE from the lallak audio...

it wont stop!

and its logged!

what to do back is what they made me type.

this means we can do more

from them live making me type this while being mind controlled


earl is scratching its ear and now looking around like a lizard
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