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Message Subject Im at the Lido Inn, in a pool tournament with my laptop and a live view. (masonic face touching, signs, wrong talking, alien audio )
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
a male say 'im done with it' (gang flash from earl) and now they are signing cuz im logging what they are doing.

the mk ultra made a male respond by saying im done with it when it was responding to what they were injecting, its not me and you can see them do it more , sing jesus m kultra little bush jr on earl is what they made me type.

lt nelson is saying it would kill everyone cuz they are faking it, responding to what they are injecting and saying it me, when they say nothing is going on and no one is doing anything and 'matrix errors' is what they ar emaking me log now .. they injected it.

simon log that you can see bush jr on earl is what they are making me type while.. 100 people watch. everyone sounding like lizards and aliens and saying nothing is going on.
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