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Message Subject Im at the Lido Inn, in a pool tournament with my laptop and a live view. (masonic face touching, signs, wrong talking, alien audio )
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
doubl touch from the lizard females responding to the external mk ulrtea now sounding like aliens and making me touch me face and going THERE IT IS, doing both, responding to the mind control and now the singer

malt liquer sunday is the band and lead singer cant rememebr the lytrics he just sang.

sang a song about waking up on 911 and smoking a cigarette .. I got it on tape, but now they want to talk about it.

911 song live with denial from the band who iis doing the masonic mk ultra.

masonic event live with denial and mind control...

there live... they thought they were going to mind control me, deny me, sing about me, interact with whats going on and say nothing ever happened while they laugh, mock and respond to the external mk ultra.. all them doing loser moves and now... the band cant remember what it sang and is denying it.

they just did what killed them again in front of everyone.


obama chuck is stand ing there with white flashes on it.

earl just called him chuckers.. and said he is out of here and now the background is laughing

and still doing it.

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