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Message Subject Im at the Lido Inn, in a pool tournament with my laptop and a live view. (masonic face touching, signs, wrong talking, alien audio )
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
if this is pinned thats funny, everyone knows the government, police, fbi , secret service, nsa, and cia track my posts.

and I sat in the middle of them and wrote it down for over 10 years now

they have stuck to their story to the point of death

and then had to use masonic powers to switch people out

and then lied more

I have it on tape now, I got 3 hours of the audio from this, jjust as I sat there and typed it in, verbatim ... you can hear it on the audio tape I have.

now, watch the masonic shrinks all say delusional, and then watch the numbers and colors start to roll in with keywords and responses.

cuz they know the shrinks, police, government, cia, and gangsters lied and stood there listening to it, watching it, and watching me record it and point it out.


let me upload the audio file so everyone can get a part of the proof.
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