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praise to GLP!

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11/10/2012 10:14 PM
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praise to GLP!
Hey, I just wish to tell you guys how much it is appreciated that your format allows people to alert others regarding the impending worldwide disaster coming...some cases are trivial in nature..it is because some are lonely...some are destitute...but most are with hunger for knowledge of what the truth is...the bad thing is....soon there will not be a manner in which we will be able to navigate the WEB without some form of censoship or outright "blackout"...I dunno...BUT THANKS GLP for the allowing me to get in a few blogs...if I ever get re-employed...I'll donate to you...thanks again!!!!
just waiting for the SHTF...been watching the USA go into the sewer for 52 years.tried to fight the gun grabbers, had some victories...tried to fight corrupt politicians as a delegate to the Republican party...found out it's all BS