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All of the politics and wars are just distractions til the main attraction

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 10138299
11/10/2012 10:20 PM
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All of the politics and wars are just distractions til the main attraction
It is all contrived. It is all invented.

911 and terrorism is just a psyop. I know that most of you know it.

The elections are just for show and the parties are just curtains over the real power. You know this. Maybe they are becoming more obvious to the end that eventually no one will bother voting at all. They just have an election show and no one shows up at the polls, but all the votes are counted and the winner cries for joy and thanks his staff. Then they hand out the oscars.

Buying guns because of something Obama does or says makes you look stupid. He could ring a bell and you would salivate. Obama is just a face on the machine like Bush Clinton Bush Reagan. Doesn't matter.

Hollywood and the music industry mock you. They play the truth in your face and you dance to it you fools.

FOX News is owned by the man who prints the Satanic Bible and the Rules for Radicals author Salinski dedicated that book to Lucifer. They are all on the same team. They all flash the same hand signs. The more stupid ones among you copy them. War On You.

They corral you in cities and make you dependent upon them and if you begin to itch for answers they shut off the lights and gas for a while until you settle down. Most of you can be pacified with a few steaks and a woman in a red dress. Don't call us we'll...nevermind [click]

Their armies of gate keepers dribble out BREAKING NEWS! and hidden truths and you think that they are awake and awakening you. They are just doorways into other deceptions.

They tell you that you came from apes and so it is ok for you to behave like and for them to treat you like animals and you are ok with that. You like the porn. Pass the bong, I'm thirsty. Stupid people think that legal dope is revolutionary. Enjoy the chains on your mind.

Oh and RNA is not life, stupid.

And there is another war on the horizon that dreaded dawn. Aurora is the dawn. It means dawn. Have you ever had a sleepless night because you know that something terrible awaits you the following day? You stay awake all night and watch the "rosy fingers of dawn" flow upward into the sky from the boundless depths of the circle of the earth. It is beautiful, but you know that it signifies the relentlless creep of time pulling you toward your date with sorrow. We have a date with sorrow and dawn awaits. Golden Dawn awaits.