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Message Subject EQ? Gas Explosion?? Something Just Shook Houses In Indianapolis!
Poster Handle The_Brave
Post Content
Just to note again:

In my previous post I explain what was going on in the area, as far as "instant" messages right when it happened from many people.

I was busy at work, but turned on the Scanner right away.

From my perspective: The chatter could not have been anymore alarming.

Not from what happened had just happened, but from the standpoint of it all together.

- My co worker hears something, (Doesn't tell me he did until I read out loud my incoming messages.)

- Minutes later, messages of all sorts start flooding my in boxes, as it was a "go" time situation for those who are awake in this wonderful world.

- Never brushed it off and knew something really bad happened

- Turned on the scanner

- Kept receiving, sending and checking for news somewhere to catch on to the story.

- 20 min later, maybe 10, Local News Reports.

- Then the scanner language became very real and alarming

"Phrases Heard"

"School Gathering Center"
"Landing zone"
"Buses coming to move people"
"Mayor to speak"
"We need assistance"
"Uh-Debris Over Here"
"Relocation for victims at the school"

(These words are not fun to hear, especially a few miles from your location & home territory)

You get the Idea Folks, it got really real, very Freaking Fast.

THANK YOU to everyone participating and seeking a base of truth in this matter. They have no official story and that tells the tale itself.

It happened: It happened Here....& Thank God people like you all are around to help find out what is going on in this world.

"The Truth is Stranger than Fiction"
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