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Message Subject EQ? Gas Explosion?? Something Just Shook Houses In Indianapolis!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thread: {BREAKING} EXPLOSION & Debris Falling From Sky ? INDIANAPOLIS Southside
My OG Thread from Last Night

When I say "Go" I mean this:

My friends, are my brothers, we are all we have. When one of my friends with children in a quiet life sends me an instant alarming message (Who lived a mile from site)....

I was ready to go....
(The way he described and had his initial sense of genuine fear for his family and all of in the area.)

Mentally.... nd trying to get intel before physically leaving.

So we, who are like GLP folks, were beyond curious at this event, especially initial reports, of just how devastating this sound was, knew it was a possible, "Go" or "Crazy Scenario"

When you know, you know.....& we live in a state of mind where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

And that Anything has been happening quite a bit in our lifetimes...


"The Truth is Stranger than Fiction."

Keep up all the wonderful work...You guys always prove why this site is the best out there, hands down.

Many blessings for your dedication to truth and just seeking in general.
 Quoting: The_Brave

Thank you Brave. I'll check out your thread. Is your bother and family ok?
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