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Message Subject EQ? Gas Explosion?? Something Just Shook Houses In Indianapolis!
Poster Handle Girl Genius
Post Content
not trying to over post or anything, but i thought i'd mention...i work at fed ex, indy has the 2nd largest sorting hub in the US second to memphis, and for the past 2 months they have been playing this video on a loop when you walk thru the security doors,..a video instructing employees on what to do if there is a terrorist attack at work...they've never played a video like that before. they usually always play sunshiney crap like employee of the month or donations made to the united way...i've worked there for 16 years, and they didn't even play those sort of videos after the 9/11 attack...my sister said her ambulance company has been given instructions to prepare for an enormous catastrophe, she told me this about 9 months ago, but she's always worked up about something so i dismissed it, but then they started playing the doomsday video at work and now this explosion by my house, dang i don't know what to think! i started googling stories about other explosions tonight trying to see if there is a world wide pattern, and that's how i found this forum...i'm probably not gonna sleep well tonight :(
 Quoting: LadyLucy

Thanks for sharing and welcome to GLP (for what it's worth :)

Stay safe!
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