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Message Subject EQ? Gas Explosion?? Something Just Shook Houses In Indianapolis!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
More bullshit.

Many "witnesses" are often confused with timing of things. Their mind makes things up and they think they saw one thing, when it didn't happen. My father would often have a staged attack on him in his classes, make people think he was killed in front of them, and have "witnesses" tell what they saw. Always with stuff which didn't happen being said.
 Quoting: Tooclosedamn!! 4087038

I was only sharing my 2 cents. I didn't go into detail about how this person was driving by the school at that point. I am not going to either. And also you might assume that not everybody just stayed in their houses and waited for the TV to tell them what happened. But believe what you want. I don't care. As someone that lives fairly close to it all I just wanted to share with you all some of my experience. It has effected people around here very much. And the fact that there is no real answer is making it worse.

Thank you for sharing your information. It must be un- nerving to be so close and wide awake at the same time. My heart goes out to you. Do you have any other thoughts you want to share...and ignore those that will try to debunk anything you say...it is GLP!
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