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Message Subject EQ? Gas Explosion?? Something Just Shook Houses In Indianapolis!
Poster Handle taniatarn
Post Content
Another thought that just won't stop bouncing around in my head....though I'm not certain how we'd even go about validating it.....Is the bird/bat pic an insignia of a Military Unit? Also.....we've heard that eyewitnesses claimed to have heard a "roaring sound" PRIOR to the explosion, someone stating it "sounded like an airplane about to crash". We've seen what COULD be debris from a small plane(Drone?) but we are missing a crater to lend credibility to a conventional missile strike. The blast effected everything in the House BUT what would be 2 of the 5 most logical sources of Natural Gas in the Home, the stove & water heater(missing are fireplace, central heating, gas clothes dryer). Did a plane/drone crash or was (without knowing where this lies in relation to aquifers & fault lines) another type of weapon involved to ignite a natural(as in coming from the ground) gas emission in a less populated area? Just a few thoughts after reading some of the many pages of thoughts/pics/info.
 Quoting: remjr1 219210

Came across lots on information re. a Vampire Squadron....their symbol is this..

[link to www.google.co.nz]

ALSO OF INTEREST...read this morning...

ENE news article...of interest are comments down the bottom..

November 12, 2012 at 1:12 pm Log in to Reply
If you see my comment that was consensus in packed to the brim chat room I was in last night. In addition to what I said in comment several people online from neighborhood were there and all reported symptoms of feeling dizzy.

November 12, 2012 at 1:06 pm Log in to Reply
Hi everyone. I am always here but rarely comment. I was in a fully packed chat room last night with 150 smart people trying to figure this out. KNOW: meth lab, gas, bomb all RULED OUT per police. No definitive answers but all seemed to feel more research on TELSA needed to be done. I am not an expert on that subject. Several people online from neighborhood all described feeling something strange but did not feel earthquake. There have been a dozen HEART ATTACKS at least since explosion.

[link to enenews.com]

Could be related to the shock of the situation but is interesting to say the least...
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