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Message Subject EQ? Gas Explosion?? Something Just Shook Houses In Indianapolis!
Poster Handle SowingSeeds
Post Content
It seems like some facts have been buried.

From what I've read:

EMS was activated five minutes prior to the explosion.

People heard strange whining noises in the sky and saw falling debris.

People 40 miles away felt/heard the explosion.

Reports of people at the site are mixed, with some people (the chaplain) having mixed stories; appearing randomly after having never shown up. (from radio transcripts).

DHS people talking about strange debris piles.

People put on buses and sent away.

Firefighter/ex-marine shot at point blank. (Unrelated?)

Several people also mentioned lack of gas lines in the area.

The story about the house for sale/cat/insurance fraud seems like a really convenient coverup. It will be easy to conduct a fake investigation and make it seem like the real deal. The size of the explosion doesn't coincide with the shockwave/distance.

The drone story sounds like it could be disinformation too. Is there a crater or anything to indicate a drone crash/missile impact? Comparison to other drone strikes?

Anything else I'm missing?
 Quoting: 4lpha1

A Drone could have crashed without causing a crater...they are relatively light in weight. Missles could have exploded upon impact with the house...again no crater.
 Quoting: Fire Watch

No craters at drone crash sites - here's some pics:

[link to www.google.com (secure)]

Look down through the pics for the "crash sites"
 Quoting: Yes I Did !!!!

On the link you have provided,count down 9 then over to pic four..am I seeing another "bat thing"????

Also remember it does depend on what the drone was ,or may have been carrying.Also how high up the drone may have been at the time it was destroyed.That will determine if a crater is present of not.If you click more results at the bottom of the page,you will see more pics that also show no craters at drone crash sites.
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