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Message Subject EQ? Gas Explosion?? Something Just Shook Houses In Indianapolis!
Poster Handle scorpio66
Post Content
watching the full interview with the lady that lives in the house

- she says her bf changed the thermostat bc the heat wasn't working

- she says they've boarded the cat for the last 3 weekends bc they go to the casino a lot

- she says her daughter mentioned smelling gas in the laundry room but she thought it was a different smell

- she says her daughter also said when she comes home from school and opens the garage she has smelled it

- she ALSO says that when the neighbor called them at the casino on sat night to tell them what happened, the neighbor told her a PLANE had hit her house and the house was on fire and nothing left

[link to www.wthr.com]

and the bf doesn't seem to be around - are they holding him?


watching part 2 now and what stands out is that she keeps sniffling and sounding like she's crying but she doesn't have any tissues, hasn't wiped her nose or dabbed her eyes once. when they go in for close ups there's no tears. i have to say, the circumstantial evidence against these folks seems to be piling up. you couldn't really script it any better if you tried.

[link to www.wthr.com] (part 2)
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