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Message Subject EQ? Gas Explosion?? Something Just Shook Houses In Indianapolis!
Poster Handle scorpio66
Post Content
score! those impacted rec'd free Pacers tickets. that should fix everything all better.

[link to www.wishtv.com]

there really isn't much new on the local news today, i suppose once someone is arrested for insurance fraud things will heat up again.

if this turns out to be insurance fraud, which seems very likely at this point, i have a theory on why the blast was worst than they would have anticipated - it was so warm out all day saturday the heat prob didn't kick on so the house filled and filled with gas much longer than they expected. i'm not an expert, so that's just a guess. but i just can't wrap my head around them purposely trying to kill the neighbors too. that part at least had to be a true accident, right??

and, it seems it's going to wind up being ins fraud. we still don't know for sure and who knows, those people could be set up. it wouldn't really be that hard to target a home with financial and marital difficulties, now would it? not in this day and age where every bit of info about you is pretty much available to even the general public, let alone the govt.

as for the other house exploding in Indiana, they seem to be keeping pretty quiet, i found the wthr link to it this morning but now i don't see anything at all. i don't think it's related, but you never know, there's plenty going on to make anything possible i suppose.
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