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Message Subject A Strange thing happened in Church today
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Towards the end of the priest's homily, a voice behind me

"Why are you telling these monkey stories?"

I turned around, to see a man with dark yellow sunglasses, and in a suit, standing a few rows behind me.

Several other people turned around also.

The priest continued to speak.

After a few minutes, he said

"I repeat, why are you telling these monkey stories?"

I looked at him, several men stood up and moved towards him, upon which he left, closely followed by the men.

His suit was 3/4 length at the back, he gave an impression of a modern day devil, as if he was trying to frighten us.

There was no fear in the Church, we looked at him.

Several people said, "It is not monkey business"

The priest made a joke, and we continued.
 Quoting: K.Kool

does your preacher teach chapter by chapter, verse by verse in the order it was presented in Gods word, straight thru from beginning to end in the order of the Book?

whereby it is only Gods words that are spoken and taught?

or does he read a line here or there and then talk for two hours in his OWN words, some subject he's devised about which to speak prior to each gathering of the church members on Sunday or whenever they gather?

I was informed that the church has RULES they have to follow whereby the rule dictators tell them just what they can teach and what they can't, and when, etc.

forgot what they called it, some hierarchy that rules over all churches or some such thing

just curious, I don't partake of the worlds churches, have in past but they didn't actually study GODS WORDS in any cohesive order, chapter by chapter, verse by verse with discussion focused mainly on the correct translations into todays vernacular whereby the people understood what was being effectively transmitted by the words

none of the words they used back at that time meant the same things they do today, hence without such it's impossible to get the jist of what the speaker was attempting to share I find

which is why few lifelong church goers have no real clue as to the truth of the word, and fewer still have ever been taught the truth of Genesis or Revelations, as they were told they didn't need to understand the latter as they wouldn't be here at that time when Tribulation occurred, that they'd be "raptured" out of here.

pity, as that's an abomination to the Lord and an outright lie, satanic lie, at best

sadly they will come to find nobody gets out early, this test is specifically for each of those alive in this time frame with specific purpose thereto

the preachers will be the first ones judged and those judged most harshly, according to the Word.

with good reason I might add

few of them actually fed the parishoners which is what they stood up and proclaimed themselves to be doing
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