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Message Subject A Strange thing happened in Church today
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Maybe that man was influenced by the bad spirits to do that in church.

Evil spirits can still enter churches unfortunately. Obviously not while the Angels are present or the lord or even the Holy Spirit.

Some pastors might even be infiltrators. teaching lies....this is a great offense to God and he does handle them accordingly.

--------- some trivia for you ----------

Hardly anyone knows this but God has agents on Earth too. I do not know what they do....I only know one group of Agents are tasked with healing the sick.

The other groups of Agents I have no idea what they do. Usually though these Agents have powerful abilities. They battle devils and cast out demons with ease.

These Agents are not to be confused with Exorcists. These human Agents hold more power.

There was one Agent who was tasked with Punishing the Devil. So this Agent went to hell and fought with the Devil and punished him.

The Agent later told his brothers that Satan was a giant when he confronted him. So the Agent used a Ladder which materialized in front of him, he then jumped onto his back and began slashing away with a great sword God gave him, Cutting off Satan's wings also.

After the mission was done and accomplished the Agent was brought to Heaven escorted by Angels. The angels washed Satan's blood off the Agent because if he returned to Earth with the blood on him, He would die.

These Agents are constantly under attack by Devils and demons.

I probably should mention that these Agents also have an Angel to help them. Like any christian has.

The really powerful Agents have an Angel with six wings three on each side. The younger less experienced Agents have an Angels with NO wings!
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