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Message Subject A Strange thing happened in Church today
Poster Handle Mary
Post Content
Roman Catholicism is not so much monkey business as a demonic cult. Do some research into the Inquisition and find out the real targets (hint: it wasn't witches or homosexuals). The Inquisition still exists (under a different name) and was headed for 20 years by the man who now is called the "Pope". Read the Bible -- the Old Testament -- about how God told his people to SMASH DOWN the obelisks in Egypt as they conquered each city, but see how the popes have resurrected these abominations as pilgrim markers in Rome.

RCs are told to pray to angels and dead people (what they call saints). The New Testament tells us NOT to pray to angels or dead people, only to God.

I could go on and on, but the choice is yours. If you love God and truth more than you love Roman Catholicism, the least you can do is pick up God's book (the Bible, not the Catholic Bible) and read it from cover to cover. Compare what God's people are told NOT to do with what Catholicism tells adherents to do.

"Come out of her, my people!" Find out what that quote refers to in the Bible, and please take it to heart.

I love God and truth, but for many years I loved Catholicism more. Then one day God gave me a choice and showed me what it was that I "loved" when I loved Catholicism. I left that demon cult the same day and have never been back since.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24279842


How easy it is to leave the faith, then, you get to decide.

You'll be back dear one. Once Catholic, always Catholic.

The Remnant is Roman Catholic. Everyone in Heaven is
Roman Catholic. Give your "yes" at the Great Warning, I'll
say a prayer for the grace....
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