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Message Subject A Strange thing happened in Church today
Poster Handle K.Kool
Post Content
I don't mean to infringe on your beliefs... But.

When I am near a church or listening to someone preach. I think the same exact thing, though I do not say it out-loud. I don't know why he would go to your church to preach, everyone knows that religious people are stuck in their beliefs and not going to conform to anything else.

But the reason I would be doing it because I honestly believe religion is just a brainwash. There is no Jesus and no God. There may be things like this...but Jesus is simply a symbol that has been passed down for millions of years stemming from other religions since we people were born.

Based entirely upon Astronomy, seasons and change in our world. Jesus is merely a false idol that was once prototyped as Joseph and there is no historical proof that a man named Jesus lived during this time period. Virgin Mary is also reused throughout every single religion. Fall/Winter = Days get shorter, sun constantly sets earlier and earlier. Dec 21-23 = Sun sets at the same time every day (3 days of darkness), Dec 24 and on = sun begins setting later.

Jesus is crucified, 3 days of darkness, resurrection after 3 days. 3 days of darkness = 21-23 of Dec. Resurrection of sun and moving towards Spring Dec - Easter.

I go through periods as well when I am extremely angry with religion and those preaching it. Perhaps, this guy was so angry he wanted to do something about it? But in my opinion, religion is just fake and the people preaching it are speaking bullshit created from simple people in this world for some sort of purpose/governance.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26303374

Don't worry, you're not infringing, Catholics are open to discussion and debate, contrary to popular belief about them.

I know what you're saying, intimately, because I've believed as you do, too.
I guess after years of following no belief, it 'intruded' itself into my psyche again.
It was kinda like an experiment at first, I was so proudly open-minded, I decided to adopt the belief, hold it close and believe it, to see what would happen.
I can only say, some 5 years later, that so far I have no good reason to abandon it, everything has changed :)
I simply said, to God, that I gave Him my life, to do with it, as He wished, its a radical act, but sounds so easy... how many can actually say those words, in all honesty?
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