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Message Subject Aliens are fighting amongst themselves to protect us
Poster Handle Mindfulnesz
Post Content
Hello GLP.

Have any of you ever considered that there ARE ALIENS

and that they are fighting amongst themselves to protect us?

Some of these forces want to protect us and help us

Others do not care

And some want to deceive us or outright attack and possibly enslave us

Are there any Sci Fi stories about this?


5a abduct abduct abduct abduct

hf grouphug
 Quoting: Cold Pizza

Nothing to discuss.. I think that's absolutely true.

The evidence is overwhelming, if you manage to open your self up! People always think they have to see something to believe it, not knowing it works the other way around: You have to believe it, before you can even begin to see it.

You cannot find anything of truth within the box, you have to think beyond that. Because the box we live in is created to keep us enslaved and from the truth.

If you have a consciousness the size of a golf ball you are unable to grasp something that is bigger then that size of a golf ball.. the golf ball is representing your understanding, awareness and knowledge and beliefs. If you start thinking outside the box your awareness, beliefs, knowledge and understanding are expanding and you are now able to see things that were always there but hidden from you. Once you expanded your awareness and such you cannot go back.

If you come up on an idea or theory and you discard it immediately try to be aware of it and give it a second chance, 99% of the time it's your ego trying to protect his comfort zone, the box.
So challenge every thought that is making you as a person, emotionally very uncomfortable.. that's a sign of you thinking outside the box.

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