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Message Subject Aliens are fighting amongst themselves to protect us
Poster Handle UndercoverAlien
Post Content
We're not that important sport!

The planet is important, the balance of the planet is priority and also there are OTHER humanoid species living in underwater bases in the oceans and Balkans lakes.

As far as I'm concerned if aliens decide to flush this extremely decadent human civilization of the surface, I'm sure we won't be missed. Matter of fact I'm sure there would be a cosmic relief if the ape human race with all their depravity, children abuse, satanic sacrifices, endless wars, engineered diseases, planetary pollution, disrespect by nature, racism, hate and violence, just vanished from the existence.

If still there's any alien race fighting to protect us, is not because we deserve, but probably because another extinction event in this planet may fuck up big time the karmic balance of those ancient alien races that engineered us, taught us civilization and used us in their own greedy agenda in the past.

And don't forget that the outcast aliens who are behind the Illuminati, were left behind by their own kind and free to rule this planet, because of their royal bloodline rules of power. So probably the shit that happens here is karmically affecting the ones who left them here!
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