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Message Subject Agenda 21 is written WITHIN the Pennsylvania state code, it IS here - mark properties they wish to acquire!
Poster Handle KnightsTemplar.TV
Post Content

Well, there was a civilization called Rome...ruled the world, after it fell the world descended into the dark ages
with christianity and Islam..

of course a total world government has never been tried before, but to me, something must be done about the current world situation and trying a world government would at least be an attempt at fixing things

of course to get ready for a world government we need to eliminate in-equality, culture and religion but to me that is ok as these are just artifacts of the old ways of thinking which have led us all into this mess
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1302314

You GENUINELY believe a perfect utopia can be reached by only having a few people in power dictate what's best for everyone?
 Quoting: Laura Bow

Depends on the few people. What you want the masses dictating how the world will operate? The same masses who are dead asleep at the cognitive thinking wheel, eat GMO food and fast food because it tastes good no matter if they learn it is poison and watched Faux news for their information.

This is who you want in control?

 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

Wait...you're the one saying a few select individuals...so it would be YOU for this, not me. Quite frankly, if someone is content eating fast food that's genetically modified, no skin off my nose. When they die at age 40 due to the poisoning you speak of, that's natural selection at work.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

I agree, but you want these same dumb people to help manage society?
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