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Message Subject Agenda 21 is written WITHIN the Pennsylvania state code, it IS here - mark properties they wish to acquire!
Poster Handle TrinityMountain
Post Content
British Columbia Canada. Comprehensive farm reviews. Your Agenda 21 if thats what you want to call it.

They implimented this 10 years ago here. Told everybody to get on board as it would become mandatory down the trail.

The whole jest of it was to stop fucking stupid people from letting shit ( Manure ) and livestock from getting into the creeks and water sheds and creating a problem. E coli and other stuff is in shit. People get sick and so does Wildlife.

They bought everybody the materials needed to fence off the creeks to keep animals from shitting in them. BOUGHT the MATERIALS for the people. Fence posts and ant type wire you wanted to get the job done. Not only that you got a break on your taxes and not only that your property got a stamp and it was worth more money for having that stamp.

Any properties for expansions of parks were also bought and paided for at fair market value. They were annexed into a plan but the owners were paided for the property. Nothing was stolen and nobody is getting screwed. They are still implimenting this plan across our province.

This is the greatest thing that ever happened in this provice and one day a person may be able to drink out of the creeks and rivers again in safety.

They also cracked down on the boaters on the lake whom spill fuel and empty there holding tanks in the lakes and river systems.

What is so bad about all this stuff. Manure and shit are killing everything. Human and animal. Get the facts straight. All you see is some unjustice going on to the people when the injustice really is the people and what they are doing to this once beautiful planet.

If we don't get it together with plans like this we won't have a planet left to inhabit period.
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