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Message Subject Agenda 21 is written WITHIN the Pennsylvania state code, it IS here - mark properties they wish to acquire!
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
I am all for Agenda 21..sustainable development means population control...

If you the OP were a world leader, would you not be concerned about overpopulation? Would you not be concerned about the finite resource pool and the ever increasing human population?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1302314

Oh Really. Well your poor ideas don't slam dunk mine, and I already know they've had all the solutions for years.

Here is what they've been doing. Hiding all the true science, and free energy, abundance.

Destroying the planet and distracting us with wars, politics, GMO and many obnoxious debates. But their real target is Terra and absolute destruction of the planet and all nature, and the plates, every ocean, all the skies, all the land. And its big Corps serving Demons and Wolves doing this.

This has consequence.

Everything else is only intent of heart that they try karma dump us with.

Even the latter is still in their hands, they don't realize Higher Ups are not dummies and really note every thought, action and who did it.

However, they're trying to bring in the end times and harvest.

Now, in reality there is no need for banks, realtors and there is enough land in say, Canada, for every single person on earth to have a little farm of their own, and a wonderful huge square footage, earthship home that is built with recycled things, provides all its energy and recycles water, and grows its own food. That leaves all the rest for nature, and some farming. By the way, its already spread out and needs to be of course, but this isn't a land mass problem.

And that's just old tech, not the real stuff. Clean energy as opposed to exotic.

All the problems already have solutions that provide abundance, not scarsity, increase lifestyles for 100% of earth's citizen, minus THEM, they eat humble pie, and don't harm earth.

Fishing in the Phoenix Earthship

1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish 500 yards compost

3 Acres can produce that much heritage food.

Oh, and did you know, meat production does not have to involve murder of intellect, or large tracts of land????

They can clone meat and have heritage, non GMO, organic muscles produced, roasts and steaks, from underground warehouses, and even rocky terrain not suitable for food production, or ocean ones.

Except they also need to take out their Reverse Sine Technology and neutralize the radiations and pollutions.

They've ignited alot of nukes in the ocean faultlines last few years.
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