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The Community of Living Souls

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User ID: 4637432
11/11/2012 04:08 PM
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The Community of Living Souls
This is addressed to all who are aware of the existence of the soul.
'Soul' is a term which refers to a certain state of being, when someone feels connected with the universe, with nature, with the other, when there is no feeling of separation, when there is joy, compassion, tolerance, understanding, wonder...

One fully experiences the beauty of Existence when his consciousness is functioning upon the 'soul' frequency. That experience happens Here and Now, touching a glimpse of infinity and eternity.

This state can become hard to achieve when we are immersed in the hardships of daily lives. But by no means is it impossible. Childhood moments we each hold deeply in our hearts give testimony about the state of being called 'soul'.

Lofty ideals about the betterment of humanity, good deeds and words towards other beings are other types of experiences which are empowering for the soul. Speaking the Truth.

The point of this thread is for each of you who reads and understands these basic truths, to give ten minutes of your energy to recount a personal story/moment when you witnessed the state of being called 'soul'.

it can be a very simple moment, does not have to be wise, just a sincere soul-driven intent to share.

thus, you will bear witness for the Soul.

and please, if you resonate with this, do a small effort in expressing a little something, not just that you love what others say. :)

if you do not resonate, leave it be. your comment is not invited. you will incur full responsibility, otherwise.

User ID: 19101654
11/26/2012 01:42 PM

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Re: The Community of Living Souls
Remembering as a kid, I had this clear notion of God always being there, speaking to me so clearly...
Joining in everything I did, and sharing every experience...

Remember once I was working with some tools in the garage, wanted to make some things with wood, surprising my mom and dad, and remember how God was part of that too, giving me loving caring advice...
Also walking in nature, God shared everything, with or without words...
The amazement and the beauty of every flower or tree...
This was a great joy, and it was so natural for me, that I didn't think it could be any different...
Every night when going to sleep, there was just this joy and natural grattitude of having God that close...
Just being like a kid in the joy of God...
Didn't even had a concept of God as male of female,as he was at times like a Mother and others as a Father...
This for me was living in my soul-awareness

Some things in life happened, which brought me away from that innocence and that just being a child with God

The last 2 years or so, this have been awakening again
Lately, especially after meeting my loved Shelley, all of this comes back on deeper and deeper levels
Waking up, being a loving and loved child, in the joyfull loving presence of our Divine Mother and Father

Lots of love to you, Brother
just be love in truth...