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Message Subject Obama & Holder BUSTED: Mexicans admit FAST & FURIOUS was to import drugs into the U.S.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So, uh. You're getting this from an arrested criminal, who then uses this information not to negotatite a plea deal in secret (Which the government would most likely be willing to do to keep it under wraps) but instead announces to the world where crazy people can latch on to it. And again... there's no proof.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9266723

So, uh. YOU DO REALIZE that people are convicted of CRIMES ALL THE TIME because of the testimony of criminals?

The police do it against civilians. It's called 'flipping' someone or creating a 'Confidential Informant'. MILLIONS OF AMERICANS are sent to the GULAG every year because of this kind of hearsay 'proof'.

All of a sudden it's not good enough when it comes to a Government official? DOUBLE STANDARD MUCH?

But when someone comes out against a GOVERNMENT AGENCY it's all of a sudden NOT CREDIBLE?

Grow up and smell the TYRANNY, your government has NEVER been the 'good guy' in any of this. At the LEAST they are complacent and willing partners in evil. People go to jail for this all the time. It's called 'Conspiracy to commit a crime'. If ONE of the perpetrators commits the crime, even if the OTHER is not DIRECTLY involved but had prior KNOWLEDGE and planning of said crime.

I love how you sheep think the LAW doesn't apply to people in government.

 Quoting: mrclean

Two things. First of all, testimony isn't enough to convict, you also need solid evidence.

Secondly, and more importantly, is part you're saying about it being a PLEA BARGAIN. Why would he volunteer all this information in exchange for NOTHING? What does it gain him? Especially since, again, if it were true and the government wanted to keep it under wraps they would have been VERY interested in keeping in silent. It makes no sense.
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