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Message Subject How much does the ADL pay for shills to post here?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think they have more people working here than those telemarketing companies.

Its awesome to see the clear selection of threads, pins, the spin on topic titles, subjects, values, attempts to subverse, influence, confuse, distract.

Ultimatelly, you can read their design, by just seeing how they organize, what threads they repply to, what they repply, how they divide their work force.

It runs on strict regulations.

The content posted. You can pretty much find the truth by discovering the obvious bias towards it. Its their resistance that gives us the clues to the right direction. You pick one of those threads with so many pages and you usually realize that the posts that matters are the ones from the OP, or someone that directly repplied to the OP in the first few pages and then you notice the influx of unrealistic posters.

So what you do is just copy the ID and do an advanced search on those people that matter, ignoring everything else.

You can pretty much get a list of all the people working for them, quite easily by just baiting them in on different subjects stating their opposing views, its their job to take the bait. When it doesnt happen, you know you nailed as well. Its win win.

They themselves spoil most of the information indirectly.
That old nobody thread, all the insiders were flattered to talk with him, exposing too much about themselves and what they know. Those woman of scars threads are very similar.

Everything they dont want you to know, is exposed by them indirectly by how they behave.

You post some bullshit New Age thing you dont get a single GLPer to care, the thread is dead. You go and make a Jesus thread and they target it, assign one guy and go deal with it.

Its black and white on every subject that hits a nerve, even when the people working here, themselves dont know the truth. So the truth goes right under their noses.

Its like, whoever is smart and has the right premises and context just jumps around and strafes the piles of shit, but many people get on the net.

All people really to know is that the nobody and the woman of scars are main characters on the Bible. All other characters on the Bible, once mentioned here, also get strong moderation. Anything regarding the truth. So there you have it, if they care about it, and the way they care about it is killing threads, filling it with nonsense, arguing stupidity between themselves and using hundred year old age misinterpretations, and they care about it... so what does it tell you.

Their whole strategy is wrong, less energy on the opponent, more energy on your own. Or else its too revealing.
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