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Message Subject How much does the ADL pay for shills to post here?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In short.
You spot them by their fruits.

There is never intentionally fruitful from them. They are never sharing anything positive.

Its always the same branches "new age bs copy paste", "here is my story (insert sinful bait)", "need advice (insert sinful bait)", "blatant blasphemies", "news intended to make people fear", "news to make people violent".

Its never something good. Never a good simple message. Never the truth.

Whenever they talk about beyond conscience perceptions, wich is one of the inner layers of the truth "we are just roleplaying"...

I read the topic title, I know who made it, if its insider or not. I read the topic title and I know depending on the topic, who is the insider who will come to deal with it.

Its funny that you get to see when they call their superiors, scholars to check out and deal with it. And then you notice their own way of dealing with it as well.

But Im curious, how many people manage to read the design?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27489035

Lol ask Apollo illuminati, he's the nobody shill ringleader. Add in open your eyes and a few others I'll give the courtesy of not outing, honestly I'm surprised this thread hasn't been deleted, maybe we should fill it with the shills that get to get paid for this shit.
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