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Message Subject How much does the ADL pay for shills to post here?
Poster Handle DoubleHelix
Post Content
You get $459.00 per week after training, they also cover your ISPs , you get cable, DSL, clear wire, and Verizon data plan. For the full 459, you have to have at least 5 online personages with high post counts on influential blogs/forums.
I have 2-3 accounts on Denninger's forums- they are VERY concerned about what goes on there and he who must not be named's site.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25463516

Very true.

Also from what i have gathered, they use a set script a lot of the times if they don't know what they are talking about on a particular subject. And it shows. Because the truth is changing with the times.

"The only thing constant is change"

They are to busy shilling to keep up with recent breakthroughs. And this is where their failure shows. But hay, at least they get paid. So i don't think they care to much about being wrong and proven wrong. They just move on.
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